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Our extensive know-how from top DAX 40 projects in the area of Generative AI and Large Language Models is now available to your company.

Take advantage of our time-limited, free offer and start now with your individual Generative AI Roadmap.

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Sebastian Fetz
CEO, Founder
"Our recipe: a well thought-out combination of existing and custom solution to align with any budget."
Our mission is to guide businesses of every scale towards the transformative power of Generative AI and Large Language Models.
Michael Banf, PhD
Lead Cloud & Data Science
Dominik Filipiak, PhD
Lead Computer Vision & IT Services
Christopher Bell
Lead Creative

The race has started

The race has started

The digital revolution has already begun. Generative AI and large language models are changing the rules of the game by opening up sustainable competitive advantages, challenging even the titans of the technology industry like Google.

Free AI Consultation
Our free launch pad for your Generative AI success.

GenAI Launchpad

Unser Angebot für Ihr Unter-nehmen

With this temporary free AI Consulting Service we invest in your Digital Transformation. Our AI Business Consultants and AI Engineers bring you up to date with the latest innovations and formulate a roadmap taking into account the capacity of your company, based on the maturity of your use cases and AI infrastructure.

Phase 1
Initial consulting

In an initial consultation, you tell us about your ambitions. We assess the strategic importance of (Generative) AI in your company, the maturity of use cases in your industry, and the feasibility of implementation.

Phase 2
Trend Radar

In a workshop, we guide you through the use cases of your industry. We will give you an overview of the current situation, developments and innovation trends.

Phase 3
Readiness Check-up

In this phase, we look at the current situation of your AI infrastructure and the maturity of your use cases. In this way, we derive suitable measures - always taking your company capacities into account.

Phase 4
Custom Roadmap

We deliver a customised roadmap for the next 3 to 12 months, tailored to your specific needs and goals. With this, your plan for a competitive advantage through Generative AI is in place. What's missing is the implementation.

Phase 5

We bring your solutions to life through a methodical, iterative process, journeying together from the initial Prototype stage, advancing through the Minimal Viable Product phase, and ultimately blossoming into a fully-realised fully-developed solution.

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